A refreshing approach

In building custom places, owners are typically caught in the middle between designers, builders and contractors. During the project owners are left to wonder whether everyone's giving them good advice (because those parties stand to profit from that advice) and if their objectives are being addressed, they are presented with difficult decisions in a haphazard manner and they discover they don't have the information or insight to manage the project budget. Not only is this difficult, it's not enjoyable.

My approach to your project is different, refreshing. I carefully manage your project using my unique combination of skills, serving your interests throughout the entire design/ build process. As a result, you will have a dedicated, unbiased leader and advocate for your project. On your behalf, I will bring order to the process, control the budget and spending, communicate early and often with you, and ensure the design is executed to your satisfaction. My hope is that this will enable you to actually enjoy the process of building a custom place, maybe even want to do it again some day.



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