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Dedication to Service

I formed M Services with a clear purpose: to serve you, the project owner, through leadership and care. This is my natural inclination. I am focused on providing truly personal service under a structure where we have functionally aligned our interests. I am careful in selecting projects that fit this focus. M Services will tailor its services to help you realize your dreams and navigate the risks along the way, and will seek to do so in a way that makes the whole process enjoyable.


I structure my services and fees to eliminate conflicts of interest that can undermine trust. I agree in advance to be paid fixed fees for the services you select and my fees will not change based upon choices you make along the way (except for mutually agreed changes in the scope of my work). I do not provide other profit making services. You will have the assurance that my advice is not biased by financial interests.


I work to understand you, your interests and how you will live in the space to be built. I use that information to determine how I can best enhance the design and building process for your benefit. I translate that into care for you and your project. I will think on your behalf and represent your interests throughout.


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