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I offer pre-design, design, construction and project management services. These services may be offered in whole or in part, depending on the project. Typically I do this in collaboration with other service providers (architects, sub-contractors, etc.), always acting as your advocate, manager and liaison with those third parties.


My pre-design services focus on helping you envision your project and develop a scope and preliminary budget. These services may also help you identify and select a property (if not already selected) and preliminarily target a building site on that property. The objective of this phase of service is to help you organize your goals and plans in preparation for the selection of the design team.


Typically, I work side-by-side with you in interviewing and selecting your design team, particularly a project architect. Occasionally – in the right situation – I offer some design services directly, but I am not a licensed architect. In any case, I provide design experience and skills which I use to:

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  • Communicate your design wishes to the architect
  • Interpret the architect’s drawings for you
  • Augment the architect’s drawings with details I can design
  • Find unique materials that may be used creatively in your design

Many of these design services will also reduce your overall costs.


I act as your general contractor and oversee the construction of your project. I hire sub-contractors to complete all phases of the construction, thus allowing me to focus on serving your needs. During the construction phase I focus on project management (see below), preparing for tasks later in the schedule and looking for on-site design adjustments and opportunities.

Project Management

My background includes managing complicated projects that involved many constituents. You will find me to be well organized, attentive to details and accountable to stake holders. I manage the sub-contractors in all aspects, including bidding, contract negotiation, scheduling, budget monitoring and quality control. I manage the project books and records, providing you with reports as and when agreed and making the books and records available for your inspection as you wish. The financial process will be fully transparent to you. I prepare and maintain a project time schedule and use that schedule to manage sub-contractors and help you make decisions in an orderly fashion.


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