Views on Sustainability

Sustainability has become a popular subject, perhaps even a bit of a fad. Regardless of its popularity, I make a serious effort to incorporate sustainable design and construction in every project.

I pursue sustainable design and construction by following several core principles.

Common Sense

Many of my sustainability practices are no more than common sense solutions to design and build problems. Applying common sense thinking to a complex project is an easy and effective step towards sustainability.


I look for opportunities to utilize proven technologies that result in advancements in sustainability – in materials, construction processes, operating efficiencies, etc.


Opportunities to improve sustainable design and construction are often lost due to a fundamental lack of focus. In contrast, the best sustainable design and building projects are products of a mindset – a determination to establish sustainability objectives and look for opportunities to achieve those objectives throughout the project. You likely have your own perspectives on sustainability, so I work together with you to develop the specific mindset for your project.

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Guided by these core principles, I apply a set of sustainability practices to your project.



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