Sustainability Practices

Long Lived Materials & Design

I encourage long-thinking, flexible designs built with long-lived materials. Extending the useful life of the structure and its component materials will extend its financial life and the length of time until replacement. This reduces the annual cost of your project and the consumption of resources.

Renewable Materials

I look for opportunities to use materials that are manufactured from sustainable resources (e.g. wood from sustainable forestry, recycled or reclaimed products and locally sourced materials). This can be a fun aspect of the project and can lead to discovery of elements that become signatures of the design.

Energy Conservation

Designing for energy conservation is just plain smart — it will lower the operating costs of your structure and conserve energy resources. During the planning and design phase I help you explore the costs and benefits of the wide range of energy conservation choices.

Low Site Impact

I help you design and develop plans that carefully integrate the structure with the land, limit the impact of the construction process on your site and its surroundings and reduce site maintenance after completion.

Low Maintenance

During the planning phase I encourage you to establish low maintenance objectives, to ensure they are designed into the project. A low maintenance structure saves you time and money and consumes fewer resources.

Reduced Construction Waste

I encourage thoughtful planning of the structure, construction site and construction process to help reduce the amount of materials wasted during construction.

Project Size

The larger the construction project the more resources it will consume, during and after construction. My approach to this problem is to design creatively, seeking to maximize usable space, minimize wasted space and emphasize beauty and quality craftsmanship over size. I will help you consider options to control the size of your project.



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